Thoughtful Tuesday and My Need for Jesus


Wow!!!!  I am sitting looking at the Insiders Nordstrom Sale for the big yearly Anniversary Sale this year and I am making myself sick by drooling over all of the cute new things and suddenly I’m depressed and feeling really bad…  Shame on me! ~  You see, this is my downfall, my hardest sin to overcome~ materialism.  I’m such a consumer and always want the newest things and I love them for a week or two and then the happiness of it all diminishes and leaves me feeling empty.  I grew up blessed, and having everything I could ever imagine and more!  And while here on earth that seems like the most amazing thing in the world…  but the problem with it is that I can’t take any of it to heaven with me and it all fades.  None of it matters in eternity, so why should it matter to me now?!  I don’t want to gain the world and forfeit my soul…  Because I am in this world and not of it~  And I am just passing through.  It’s a struggle and I fight it daily and I know this empty place in my heart at this moment is just a deeper yearning for Christ.  He only can quench that thirst deep in my soul for something more.  And so, I am turning off the computer and and with a bowed head and on bended knees, I humbly display my heart and ask my Father for forgiveness and give it all to Him.  Because He is all I truly need and I need to be reminded of that daily…  And sometimes by the minute.  🙂


The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.  1 John 2:17


  1. Thanks for sharing in a very transparent way!!! I was just at Nordy’s and shopping with Grandma for my birthday… yes, lots of cute things in there. I am saddened and ashamed by the way I bullied Brian (yes I did) and pouted a week previous for a specific Lululemon jacket. I truly do struggle with materialism too, mostly clothes… I actually did not grow up blessed, we shopped at Kmart and Goodwill my whole life. Somehow, bringing home new outfits creates a feeling of happiness and sense of security and freedom. But you are right, it is fleeting, and I have a closet full of “have to haves” forgotten…

  2. We all have our struggles and I’m glad I’m not alone… It’s just so hard sometimes and I often realize that I have way too much… It’s just not fair when so much of the world has so little and I even take running water for granted… Those little things are eye opening to me… Us consumer-aholics need less stuff and more Jesus! 🙂

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