Recipe Contest!

Ok so here’s the deal…  I’m doing a fun recipe contest here on my website!  Please enter 1 dinner and 1 dessert (or multiple) recipe(s) that you love and send to me via email at or through a comment here on my website and once I have tried all of the recipes I will come up with a winner from each category and post the winning recipes on my site and you will win a lil prize that I’ll mail you (something fun and good that you’ll love, I promise)!  Thinking I’ll give the winner a choice of a scentsy warmer with a scent, a magazine subscription, a book or a Starbucks card (your choice)!  🙂 Depending on the number of recipes I receive will determine how long this will take because if I receive 30 recipes it’ll take a month, etc…  🙂  This should be fun as I LOVE to cook and bake and I love to give things away so it’s a win/win!  Have fun and please try and limit your entries to 5 recipes per category!  Good luck!


  1. Ohh how fun!!!

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