Oregon Coast

Last week we went to the coast on yet another adventure and had the most amazing time!
We took the boys to the Tillamook Factory and it was so neat to watch them make cheese, butter and ice cream.
We sampled a bunch of yummy cheeses and of course got ice cream.  🙂
There was a hole in the wall Fish N Chips shack across the street so we ran over and had an incredibly yummy and FRESH lunch!!
We also stumbled across an very beautiful park that will be going back to again soon…  It was so much fun…

Now for some pictures!  🙂


Tillamook Factory

Coop & Cam

cheese factory

cheese factory

oregon coast

lookout park

coast stream

oregon coast

My baby boys gave me flowers :)

My baby boys gave me flowers :)


oregon coast

Cam log

oregon coast mist

Cam walking log

Boys in tree

My precious boys are growing up!  :)

My precious boys are growing up! :)


boys cartwheels

Boys coast

daddy loves



foggy coast

rocky coast

Cam crawling the log

Cam walking log

oregon coast


misty coast



  1. Looks like a great time Laura!

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