My Top 10 Fav Snacks

I found myself noshing on some frozen grapes last night and started thinking of my favorite things to snack on and thought I would share.  🙂



1.  Frozen grapes (Red only)









2.  Ants on a Log (with Laura Scudders All Natural Peanut Butter and Sunview Organic Raisins)











3.  Raw or Roasted Almonds mixed with dried cranberries









4.  My homemade hummus with carrot sticks OR ‘Food Should Taste Good’ Multigrain chips











5.  Fresh fruit









6.  Protein Shake made with almond milk (SunWarrior Brand Raw Warrior Chocolate Protein powder)











7.  Steel cut oats











8.  Zing Chocolate Coconut Bar or a Gnu bar








9.  Coconut milk yogurt








10. Fresh veggies


  1. Many of those are my favorite too! I also enjoy the Carrot Breakfast Cookies made by Joy the Baker, I change a few of the ingredients and add raw pumpkin seeds for added protein.

    • Oh ya, those cookies are AMAZING!!! We need to get together and make a few batches of those… Love to have them around!! 🙂

  2. Oh and this is a fabulous black bean burger recipe, I know its not a “snack” per se but I make a batch ahead of time and then can easily make a quick one whenever the need suits.
    BTW Laura, what is your email address? Somehow I think I have an old one… Otherwise I would have sent this post to your email instead of on your blog comment… =)

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