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My Baby Shower

I am blessed…
Saturday was my baby shower for Kenley and my girlfriends truly blessed me beyond my wildest dreams!  🙂
I am grateful for all of the love they show for me, my family and this pregnancy.
I’m grateful for their care, concern, hospitality, love, friendship and support…
Creative girls surround me everywhere and truly bless my life in so many ways!
Thanks you, girls, you know who you are, and you made my day amazing and blessed.

Blessed is the only way I can describe it…
Saturday was a gorgeous day for a shower…  The weather was sunny, blue skies and perfect.
I was surrounded by those I love and those that love me…  Such a gift from God!
They know my favorite things and the decor of the shower was ‘me’ to a T!!!
Kenley’s room (theme) is light pink, with Cherry Blossoms…  My favorite!
They recreated that in such a beautiful and classy way…
Cherry blossoms, beautiful pink lanterns and a banner that they made that read, ‘KENLEY’

Each girl made only my favorites (all homemade)…
I was spoiled with chocolate covered strawberries, different kinds of homemade fudge,
homemade scones (my absolute fave), hummus with pita,
fresh veggies and dip, and an amazing homemade strawberry shortcake CAKE!!!!  Yummers!

My sweet friend Holly organized the craft part which was amazing…
She is so incredibly creative and sweet, and that is just the beginning…
They hung plain onesies and bibs from clothes lines so perfectly and it was such a cute decoration!
Little did I know that was also the craft…  Each friend decorated onesies and bibs for my sweet baby girl!  🙂
How fun is that!?!   My cup runneth over!

We had a time of prayer where my friends prayed for me, baby Kenley,
my labor and delivery, my boys and family, etc…
It was beautiful!

As if that wasn’t enough, they blessed me with some amazing gifts…
Big items from my registry which I was NOT expecting, as well as the CUTEST baby girl clothes I’ve seen!
I got a sweet letter from my pastors wife, who was unable to attend because of a retreat she was at,
and that just did me in…  I bawled and I know her words were truly from the Lord!
He used her in such a HUGE way to speak life and Truth into me that day
and again, they only way to describe it is blessed!

My cup runneth over…
I am sooooo unworthy, but still He loves me!!

I love that when we are obedient God has a perfect plan and He blesses us in ways we could never imagine!
His ways…  not our ways.  His plan is always best and I am blessed!

My closest girlfriends were there for me Saturday and it was the best day!
Some showed up that I wasn’t expecting and again…

Ladies, thank you!!!
Thank you for being an important part of my life.
Thank you for your love, encouragement and accountability.
Thank you for being ladies who love Jesus and follow Him and for encouraging my walk with the Lord.
You all mean the world to me and bless me in ways you don’t even know!
I love you girls and am blessed by each of your precious friendships that the Lord has formed.
I hope you all know how much you all mean to me!  <3

Unfortunately the pictures don’t do it justice…  AT ALL!!!
I took them with my iPhone.
I will have to ask to see who got some better ones…  I wish you all could’ve been there to see this beautiful day!

Simple Pink Lantern Decorations

Simple Pink Lantern Decorations



Kenley Banner :)

Kenley Banner :)



Laura sign




These onesies were a 'decoration' and later my friends and family decorated them and some bibs as a craft!  :) So fun!

These onesies were a ‘decoration’ and later my friends and family decorated them and some bibs as a craft! 🙂 So fun!



More decorations/crafts :)

More decorations/crafts :)



Craft Table

Craft Table



Goody bags for the guests

Goody bags for the guests




All of my favorite things

All of my favorite things




chocolate strawberries


Strawberry Shortcake 'Cake'

Strawberry Shortcake ‘Cake’



pink swirl straws

my mocktail...  :)

my mocktail… :)



Susan & Mom

Susan & Mom








More friends who bless my life!

More friends who bless my life!



Kari...  crafting.  :)

Kari… crafting. :)



Friends made bibs and onesies for Kenley.

Friends made bibs and onesies for Kenley.




butterfly onesie

cherry blossom

blossom bib

purple butterfly

My mom did this one...  I'm so proud, because she isn't super crafty!!!  :)

My mom did this one… I’m so proud, because she isn’t super crafty!!! :)


K bib

onesie wall

another craft wall




I didn’t get any pictures of the gifts and I’m washing all of the clothes…

I will take some pictures of all of the things I got and post later this week so stay tuned.  🙂




  1. What a beautiful shower Laura! Congrats again! I bet you can’t wait to have a little girl to dress up!

    • Thank you, Chelsea!! We are over the moon to finally have a little girl join our family! 🙂 Love your new blog, btw!! Hope you’re doing well!

  2. Ruthie Hart (@ruthiehart1) says:

    The onesies in the paper bags… such a great idea!!!!!!!!! And great decor! I love the lanterns 🙂 can you use for your nursery?!

    • Right??? The girls did such an amazing job organizing this shower for me, I am so blessed! My girlfriend actually gave us the beautiful cherry blossom tree in the vase from the food table and it looks AMAZING in Kenley’s nursery… We are doing to try and hang the lanterns also and see how it looks!! 🙂

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