Lots of Stuff… Dates, Babies, Etc.


Thursday was such a fun day for me…  🙂

I took a quick new bump picture in the morning as we were getting ready for the day…  🙂

27 wks

Hubby finished up painting Kenley’s dresser…  And the finished product is amazing!
In this picture it’s still drying (and that was the first coat)  😉


Hubs also finished weather-proofing and staining our deck, which also looks amazing!!
Love my handy guy so much!!!


After that hubby and I had a lunch date and he took me out for Indian food…  one of my faves!  🙂
I ate like a pig and loved every minute of our time…  Yummy food and sweet conversation!
I finished off my lunch with my favorite Indian dessert…  Gulab Jamun…  Mmmmmmmmmm

I had to take a  picture just because!  lol


gulab jamun

Thanks to this sugary treat, Kenley was kicking the walls of my uterus! Lol :)

On our way home I spoke to my mom and she said my brand new nephew (3 wks) was at her house and I couldn’t resist some
baby snuggling and lovin’ so we headed over there!!!
His cheeks are irresistible and this was only the second time I’ve seen him since he was born!!

INTRODUCING my precious Nephew…

William Antonio
10 lb 5oz

baby William

my nephew

Eeeeeeeeek…  His little cheeks are so scrumptious I could eat him up!  🙂

We ended the day at our boys baseball games and the weather has just been amazing…
I need to get some maternity shorts because this outfit was much too hot for me in the 82 degree sun…

27 wk belly

After the fatty lunch hubby and I devoured on Thursday, this is what I ended up having for dinner!  Lol
It was sooooooooooo yummy and totally hit the spot!  🙂


Hope all of you friends have an amazing weekend!!  We are soaking in the sun and enjoying time together!  🙂


  1. You are so beautiful, inside and out. Congradulations on the pregnacy

  2. Such fun times for your family. 🙂 I think I would like Indian food (as long as it wasn’t spicy)…hmm… 🙂

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