Kenley is 21 Months!

I can’t believe my baby girl is 21 months old already!!!  Where does the time go!?!  And I can’t believe she’s going to be a big sister in a few months!!!



basket full of kenley

Her favorite things as of late:
* playing in her kitchen
* going on walks with daddy
* taking baths
* watching her brothers baseball games
* Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
* her blankie (which she calls “Manna’)
* reading books (all day EVERY day)
* being pushed around in her little car by her brother (Camden)
* seeing her grandma and grandpa
* playing with her dolls, she is very imaginative!

Favorite Foods:
* grapes
* chicken nuggets
* green beans
* orange & yellow bell peppers
* strawberries
* goldfish crackers
* bananas
* milk
* coconut water

24lbs (on our home scale)
35 inches long (approx)

* Kenley is talking up a STORM and speaks very well.  She puts together sentances and asks for what she needs, followed by please and thank you.

* She asks to do specific things, go specific places and see specific people.

* She is very, very good at communicating which I am super thankful for!

* She takes one nap a day (usually in the morning) and goes to bed at 7pm.

* Our bedtime routine consists of jammies, brushing teeth, reading several stories, praying, snuggling and rocking, and then when I lay her down she loves for me to do the itsy bitsy spider over her.  After that I give her a kiss and she rolls over and closes her eyes.  Easy peasy and it doesn’t take long, but she loves the routine!  🙂

* She constantly tells me ‘i love you, mommy’ which melts my heart and sometimes turns me into a puddle.

* Loves to say ‘Baby Cruz in mommy tummy!’ :)))

* Loves to help me do chores.  She’s great at helping me load the washing machine and is awesome at folding washcloths.

bundle basket




sibling smooches

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