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The past several weeks have been crazy here…  Baseball is in full swing and hubs and I are often in opposite directions with different kids, along with with the end of of school (I have Cooper graduating from elementary next week————> GULP!!!!) and trying to keep life on track.  WHEW!!!  A couple of weeks ago I had a weird little scare as I was sitting at one of Coop’s baseball games!  I started getting there weird chest pains that turned excruciating and I wasn’t able to take a full breathe…  Needless to say, I ended up at the ER ALL.NIGHT.LONG!!!!  Ugh  Thank goodness isn’t wasn’t something serious, but I had esophageal spasms (which they told me are rare, but feel like a heart attack!).  It wasn’t like anything I’d felt before and it lasted TWO days…  The next day I landed at my dr.’s office to monitor baby boy.  He, of course, was just fine and it was fun to get another ultrasound and get another peek at him!  The kids came with me and they LOVED seeing his little heart beating, along with his lounge ‘frog’ legs, cute little nose, and he was sucking his thumb!  L.O.V.E
That whole experience exhausted me because I was unable to sleep for 3 days and then I got a migraine.  I don’t normally get migraines during pregnancy but you know what they say, each pregnancy is different!  🙁  Not fun at all, and not much I can do for relief…  Tylenol is my last resort and it doesn’t help much…  I just try and have a half cup of caffeine, nap in a cold, fan filled dark quiet room when Kenley is napping, drink LOTS of extra water, rub Young Living Deep Relief all over my temples, forehead, neck and shoulders and put ice packs on my neck and forehead!  Any other advice and/or suggestions are welcome!  It’s been pretty brutal!

no fun


caffeine fix

I am now almost 17 weeks and besides the migraines and some back pain, I feel pretty good overall!  Allergies…  Thats another story but not related to pregnancy!  The nausea is pretty much gone but I will get the occasional nausea.  Baby boy is growing and looks good and I have another ultrasound in 3 weeks!  I have a definite bump going on and sleeping has already gotten a little uncomfortable.  No more sleeping on my tummy and I have to use my big preggo pillow!  🙂
I found the boys old crib bedding which was fun and realized I don’t really like it and want something different for Cruz!  :-/  I found some bedding I love and I’m thankful we already have a second crib and crib mattress!  Just searching for a more functional double stroller now.

16 weeks

ALLERGIES!!!!!!  I feel like they are about the worst I’ve had ever this season and it doesn’t help to be pregnant and unable to take anything.  I’m super careful about not taking anything unless I’m in utter desperation!!!  I finally took a benadryl the other day which only helped for a couple of hours.  We live backed up to a wooded area with some serious cottonwood trees that grow along the creek.  Totally miserable!!!  Kelley and I LOVE playing outside everyday and by the time we come in my eyes are almost swollen shut and I can’t stop rubbing my eyes, sneezing and blowing my nose.  I literally have gone through a box of kleenex a day and joke to Paul that I’m keeping the tissue companies in business!

We just got Kenley some fun outdoor toys and it’s been a blast!  We got her a Little Tikes Car that she loves ‘driving’ around, a cute little fun wiggly worm sprinkler that sprays in all directions, a bubble maker that makes her run in circles and giggle, and a water table that she loves to play in…  and also try to climb into!  🙂 I think it’s time to get her a small little pool also!  😉 We are looking for a small play structure and/or a little playhouse!  She is like the rest of our family and LOVES playing outdoors!  It is so much fun watching her grow and learn and experience new things!  A total joy with the perfect amount of spunk and we all just adore her to pieces!

car fun


water fun

Boys baseball has been crazy busy…  Literally 5 days a week, at least and it’s been nuts!  It’s really forced me to plan out meals and do one big grocery shop a week because that’s all I have time for!  I love to routine and schedule of school but I have finally gotten to the point of being ready for summer!  I can’t believe that school ends next week and I will have one in middle school and another in his last year of elementary (SOBS)!  I’m telling you, friends…  Especially friends with littles…  The days are LOOOONNNGGG but the years are SHORT!!!  As hard as it is sometimes, savor the moments, all of them!  They are gone in the blink of an eye and you can’t get them back!  Don’t wish for your littles to be older because once they are you will wish them to be small again!  I’m so thankful I have Kenley to still savor these little years and sweet little Cruz on the way!  I love my babies so so much!  I am so excited for a jam packed yet relaxing summer!  Lots of fun things planned.  🙂

Fun at brothers baseball game...

Fun at brothers baseball game…

Last week I went on a field trip with Camden’s class on the WyEast Canoes!  Holy cow was it fun!  It was an all day trip and I loved every minute of fun and watching my boy interact with his class and have fun!  I love that he loves when his mama chaperones field trips and comes to his class…  He is the most loving, serving, sweetest kid I know and he shows it in every way!  WHEW that boy has my heart!  🙂  <3

WyEast Canoe Field trip


flower treasure


Cams class

This past weekend we had a really fun time as a family celebrating Memorial Day!  Remembering all of those who chose to serve our country and have made the ultimate sacrifice…  I am so thankful to call America my home!  To all of those who have paid the price for us, they will truly forever have my unwavering respect and admiration…  So thank YOU, from the bottom of my heart!

Saturday we went to my parents for a BBQ and spent time as a family…  Relaxing and fun; family is family!!!

Sunday we took the kids, along with one of their friends, down to the last Duck baseball game of the season!  I was AMAZING!!!  UCLA has not lost a series all season long and after 11 innings, we won, and since we won the night before, we gave them their first loss of the season!!!  WHOOP  GO DUCKS!!!!!  It was a long day for sure, especially with my allergies and swollen eyes and one tired toddler, but it was worth it…  We had a blast!

duck baseball game


PK Park

Yesterday (Monday), we relaxed and then had friends over for a relaxing BBQ.  Easy peasy and we had a blast!  I love having friends that you don’t have to impress, but you can relax and enjoy each others company, the kids can play, we can talk and just share life.  The kind of people that you don’t have to have a perfectly clean house for, but you just enjoy spending time with.  Ok…  you get the drift!  It was a perfect evening for me (despite both Kellie and I getting swollen eyes because of those darn cottonwood trees outside)!  ha

my sunshines


blowing bubbles

HAVE I MENTIONED THAT MY ALLERGIES ARE THE WORST EVER THIS SEASON!?!?!?!?!?!  I think I need to seriously have a discussion with my dr about the risks and benefits of taking Zyrtec during pregnancy.  My hubs just changed the filters in our house (they were gross)!  I am barely hanging on here, friends!

So that’s about all for my update…  Sorry for the storybook!  That’s what happens when crazy life unfolds with sickness and 3 kids and a pregnancy and THOSE ALLERGIES and…..  Happy Tuesday!  I hope you all get to enjoy the rest of your week!  The sunshine has been good to us here and I love it!

A few extra pictures from the past couple of weeks just cuz…

Sweet snuggles...

Sweet snuggles…

Taco night...  So yum!

Taco night… So yum!

My helpers!!!

My helpers!!!



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