It’s been WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY too long, but I miss this little space I have and I miss you all, so I really must get back to documenting my little life.  I love being able to look back and see my babies and how they’ve grown and the fun things that we have done…  And I miss chatting with you all.  Glad I still get to see most of you on Instagram though!  🙂

Sooooooo, since I’ve been away, we have a new precious addition!!!!!!!




Cruz Antonio

Born October 30, 2015
7lb 15oz
20 inches long



This little gem of a boy is pure perfection!  Yesterday he turned 12 weeks old (where does the time go?) and he is such a joy!  He sleeps 8-9hrs all night long, responds to his name, smiles A L L  T H E  T I M E, and is about to roll over for the first time any day now!  He is the perfect addition to our family and we are all in L O V E!  Kenley is an awesome big sister and loves taking care of sweet Cruzie!!!  I love how much she helps me with him.

Adjusting to 4 kiddos has taken me a couple months but we are back into our routine and I am loving this big family of mine!  It is crazy busy but just plain F U N!!  Never a dull moment and life just feels so right!  🙂

Thanks for the love you all sent after little man was born!  The meals, flowers, notes, phone calls and texts were so kind and we feel so blessed by the love you all poured into us!


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