He speaks


I have been listening to this song over and over and over lately and  L O V E  it!!!  It’s about seeking Him first over our needs and desires, positioning our hearts before Him, letting Him rule and reign over all things.  It has really tied into my book study I’ve been apart of at church and He is speaking to me through every facet of my life!  My soul craves intimacy with my Father, and as I learn to tune out the noise around me and listen intently to what He has to say, He speaks so vividly to the broken parts of me…  The broken parts that ONLY He can fulfill!  We are masked in a world that says do, do, do. We believe the lies that satan speaks to us telling us that we are not good enough, if we do ‘this’ then we will be happier.  If we do ‘that’ then we will be satisfied.  The list is endless and we are left with fear and shame, unforgiveness, worry, control, perfectionism and anxiety.  Satan says do, but Jesus says DONE!  It is finished, ladies, the cross deems us worthy!  We are all mercy washed.  Surrendering all is a daily task for me and something that does NOT come natural, but I’m so thankful I serve an all encompassing God.  When we find our identity in Him, seeking Him first above all else (His desires, His character) nothing else can come in and take it’s place!  His love pushes out fear and we can find our identity in His love.  I crave to know my Father more, and I want to daily choose to always put Him first because my greatest treasure is in Him.



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