God is Good



Not sure why I’m feeling compelled to write this morning, but I do.
I had a frustrating situation this morning that left me super annoyed and on top of that I thought it was Wednesday so I frantically ripped all of the sheets off the beds and threw them in the wash to get ready for the cleaning ladies and was in  rush to make sure everything was ready so they could clean…  Glad I’m ready for them them now…  a day early!  haha As soon as I realized it was only Tuesday and started planning for my day, I took a minute to browse through facebook which I haven’t made a lot of time for recently, and was overwhelmed by one friends life, in particular, and am in awe of what the Lord is doing in their life!  I watched this family walk through utter heartbreak and then by the grace of God, there was redemption.  It’s so fun to watch people be completely obedient to the Lord, surrendering everything, no matter what, and continuing to have faith that their suffering has a reason and isn’t in vain.  Sometimes He’s not done writing our story and it’s so powerful.  This family is such a witness and it’s so beautiful to watch.

As for me this morning, I am thankful.  My God is good.  Whether life is good or bad right now, God lives in the peaks and the valleys with us and His grace is sufficient.  My prayer is that I can live the way this family does, clinging to Jesus and praising Him even in the storms.  There is a peace when we sit at the feet of Jesus, knowing we don’t have to endure everything alone.  He is good, He is faithful.  Trust.


I have no idea if any of this made sense to anyone, but it does to me and a year down the road I can’t wait to come back and re-read this reminder for myself!


Sunday Scripture










He speaks


I have been listening to this song over and over and over lately and  L O V E  it!!!  It’s about seeking Him first over our needs and desires, positioning our hearts before Him, letting Him rule and reign over all things.  It has really tied into my book study I’ve been apart of at church and He is speaking to me through every facet of my life!  My soul craves intimacy with my Father, and as I learn to tune out the noise around me and listen intently to what He has to say, He speaks so vividly to the broken parts of me…  The broken parts that ONLY He can fulfill!  We are masked in a world that says do, do, do. We believe the lies that satan speaks to us telling us that we are not good enough, if we do ‘this’ then we will be happier.  If we do ‘that’ then we will be satisfied.  The list is endless and we are left with fear and shame, unforgiveness, worry, control, perfectionism and anxiety.  Satan says do, but Jesus says DONE!  It is finished, ladies, the cross deems us worthy!  We are all mercy washed.  Surrendering all is a daily task for me and something that does NOT come natural, but I’m so thankful I serve an all encompassing God.  When we find our identity in Him, seeking Him first above all else (His desires, His character) nothing else can come in and take it’s place!  His love pushes out fear and we can find our identity in His love.  I crave to know my Father more, and I want to daily choose to always put Him first because my greatest treasure is in Him.



I Will Rise

This morning I am overwhelmed with thankfulness and hope…
For a Savior who has overcome and knowing the victory is won!

I love knowing that I don’t have to be perfect to be loved,
that my future is already written and that the One who created me holds me in His hands!

Resting in His goodness this morning,
and feeling so blessed!

psalm 73-26

Sunday Scripture


let Him in




He loves you





Scripture Sunday




be still


it is finished


joy and content




That’s what we are to Him. It’s hard to remember that sometimes, yet it’s so easy to see the negative things stamped upon our foreheads. Failures from the past that are still etched in our minds, or even the way that some may treat you because of something long ago. I am not perfect, and neither are they. Sometimes I see anger, anxiety or failure in myself and I feel like it’s on a sticky note stuck to my back and I am constantly reminded of my imperfections. Memories arise and I’m not proud of things I’ve down or ways I’ve acted. Being a mom is hard work and marriage isn’t always blissful. Bills to pay and laundry to do and Instagram posts plastered with perfection written all over them that blind me sometimes and make me feel like I don’t quite live up to the dream… But what is that dream really? It’s not even real because we mostly want to post the pretty little parts of our day instead of the messes and it doesn’t reflect reality it reflects a fake persona that isn’t real life at all and nobody can live up to such things.

But I am His beloved and I must not forget this… YOU must not forget! He has washed us clean. Past hurts need not define us and perfection is impossible. We are not who we think ourselves to be in those difficult moments when all we can do is be reminded of our shortcomings. We are so much more, we were made for so much more!!! Today I am reminded that I am His and that is more than enough for me! I may not be perfect, but I am perfectly loved!



Scripture Sunday

guard your heart


the house







Sunday Scripture





1 Timothy






start anew



I am His

Scripture Sunday





His love never fails



God is faithful



he loves me



hebrews 10