A Sweet Gift

I am feeling overwhelmed with joy these past couple of days…
As we prepare for our sweet baby girl, Kenley Grace, we have been showered with love and prayer!

My husband is busy painting the crib white (we are using Camden’s old crib)
and I am so excited to put her pink bedding into it and get it all ready for her!
Three short months and she will finally be in our arms!
Pretty much everyday and every weekend for sure is filled with things we are busy with
and I love it because it’s making the time pass quickly!  🙂

Day before yesterday I was soooooooooo blessed by a blog friend, Ruthie,
who is due a few days apart from me, expecting her precious bundle, a little boy!
She sent a sweet gift, addressed perfectly to Kenley Grace (her first mail)
and I cried at her thoughtfulness.

Check out the adorable outfit she got for Kenley,
and look at the back pocket detail on the jeans (little hearts!!
Ahhhhhhhh, they are so precious!
I love the headband she got and must find out where she got it because I haven’t found any that cute, and a pink book!

Ruthie, thank you so much for blessing us like this!
It was unexpected but so very precious to me and I am so thankful for you!
Can’t wait for these babies to meet one day!  🙂

outfit from Ruthie

bows & hearts

I figured I’d throw in the picture of the crib also…  Hubs is working it it but it’s coming along nicely!  🙂
Love my handy guy!!!


Ok, and a belly pic…  😉

25 week belly


  1. Ruthie Hart (@ruthiehart1) says:

    I saw the heart jeans and was like OMG… buying these RIGHT AWAY! And then the heart onesie… meant to be! I actually made the headband too 🙂 so glad I still have girlies in my life I can make fun accessories for!! xoxoxo mama

  2. I love the jeans and the headband! So cute! Kenley is one of the names on my baby girl list! I love it so much!
    You look amazing Laura!!

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