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Hope everyone had an amazing Valentines Day yesterday…  I know we sure did!  A little recap of an awesome day celebrating with my boys at their class parties!

Cooper had so much fun playing Valentine Bingo, eating cookies and making cards!

Camden was super proud of the cookie he frosted and decorated and loved the fun things his class did together to celebrate!

We cooked dinner together and celebrated as a family this year which was amazing!  After school the boys and I hand delivered homemade red velvet cupcakes to everyone in my family and they made them little Valentines cards. My uber romantic husband was amazing but I’ll spare you the details and keep it between him and I but it was the perfect day…  l.o.v.e. was definitely in the air!  😉

Family Fun Weekend

Another super busy and fun weekend!  Friday night we did Nacho Night and Camden and I made Gooey Butter Cake which turned out soooo yummy!  Cooper showed Nunni & Grampa all of the things he’s learned in technology at school on the computer and Camden just played and acted silly (as usual).  It was a really fun night though and I have some adorable photos to prove it.  🙂

My sweet little peanut LOVES helping me in the kitchen every chance he gets!

Camden’s gooey butter cake turned out delicious!  🙂

My silly little goose!

Saturday the boys had a game and I got a little video of Cooper that is so precious!  I was so proud of him!  🙂

Cooper’s Basketball Video

After the boys game the team had their ‘Team Pictures’ and the boys were so cute!  I can’t wait to get them back!  When we got home my sweet little Camden knew that I would be doing laundry that day and he left me this special surprise on my washing machine!!!

Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?  He said it’s me and him together and I just love it!  I think it’ll stay on my washer for a good long while!  🙂

Saturday night we had a family movie night and we rented Despicable Me which we all absolutely loved!  What an adorable story…  I love that he grows to love those little girls by the end of the movie..  Oh my goodness just LOVED it!

That pretty much sums up our weekend.  Today (Sunday) we went to church and then the doggies went to get groomed.  We also got to accompany daddy downtown to show one of his listings.  Boys loved that of course and thought it was super ‘cool!’  Excited for Valentines Day tomorrow and looking forward to going to my boys class Valentine’s Day parties.  🙂

Diary of A Worm

Today I accompanied my 1st grader and his class on a field trip to see the play, Diary of A Worm!  It was fun and chaotic and an overall perfect day!  Last night I got a migraine and just wasn’t feeling very well so I went to bed around 8pm hoping and praying that I’d feel better this morning so I could go with Coop and his class…  Praise the Lord, I feel better!  Although after such a busy day I must admit that in my old age I am exhausted!  😉  Here are a few pictures from the field trip.

Onsies For Sale

I finally finished these adorable onsies and am selling them for $8 a piece or 2 for $15 and $3 shipping for the first item and $1 for each additional item.  Let me know if you are interested…  I have sizes 3-6 months and 6-9 months but if you have a size you  need and a pattern you’d like just let me know and I’ll be happy to make it!  🙂  Working on some more things to add for y’all!  You can email me with questions at

Superbowl Weekend

This past weekend has been a super fun and fruitful weekend for our family!  Friday while the boys were at school I went over to visit my grandparents (on my dad’s side) and I ended up staying for 3 hours and listing to stories and chatting!  My Grandad always has amazing stories about our family back in Texas and I absolutely love listening and could do it for days!  🙂  My sweet Nana ended up pulling out her recipe book and sharing all of our family recipes from back in Texas with me and it was so much fun!  Always reminds me of the south and why it’s so special down there!  🙂  I am thrilled that I now have a wonderful piece of history that I get to share with my children and if you know me you know I LOVE to cook so I couldn’t be more excited!  😉

Friday night we went to the golf club for dinner and has Osso Bucco which was INCREDIBLE and my kids LOVED it…  We had a really fun time with my parents and it’s so fun to see the boys getting spoiled with attention by their grandparents!

Saturday the boys had a basketball game and my parents came which absolutely made their day!  They ended up both being such ball hogs because they wanted to show their Nunni & Gramps how good they are!  It was hilarious but so so cute!  We got to relax the evening and get ready for Sunday- Superbowl Sunday which we hosted a small party for!

Sunday morning we went to the 8am service and I was so ready for a good message and what an amazing message it was!  A key point I got from John Mark’s message was that your identity is not by your past or present but who we really are is about who we are going to become!  We are in the process of becoming who we really are!  We are called to live holy and joyous because that is who we really are!  I also got from the message such an awesome and amazing verse that is soooo powerful!  It says that the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in us (Romans)…  Crazy to think of that and realize that we are so capable through Christ of making the right choices and standing firm in our beliefs!  God is so good and so faithful I can’t imagine a life without Him as the core and center of everything I am and everything I do!  🙂

Sunday afternoon our friends came over and oh my goodness did we have a humongous food fest!  Wow…  everybody brought more than they should have but it was awesome!  Small and intimate and the fellowship was sweet with tons of yummy treats!  Here are a few pictures of the day!  🙂

Bacon wrapped jalepino poppers from Kate (AMAZING).

Cupcakes In Green Bay and Pittsburgh colors from Amanda (also AMAZING).

Camden and the oh so adorable pregnant Amanda.

Jer and Kate- the divided house and of course Green Bay won so Jer is a happy camper!  😉

The adorable newlyweds, David & Katy.  <3

Kate and I laughing about who knows what…  maybe I’m just happy that my team won!  haha

That was our weekend…  So excited about this week and the fun and blessings it holds.  Tomorrow I am going to finish my cute little onsie project I’m working on and I’m gonna hopefully purchase a new sewing machine this week!  🙂

When Christ Comes

The Word became human and lived here on earth among us.  He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. -John 1:14

The operative word of the verse is among. He lived among us.  He donned the costliest of robes: a human body.  He made a throne out of a manger and a royal court out of some cows.  He took a common name- Jesus- and made it holy.  He took common people and made them the same.  He could have lived over us or away from us but He didn’t…  He lived among us!!!  I don’t know about you but I still find this so amazing and this really says something about the God that follow…  His love really is all encompassing!

Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown. -Revelation 3:11

Our day is coming.  What the world has overlooked, your Father has remembered, and sooner than any of us can imagine, we will be blessed by Him!

Hope everyone has a very blessed Thursday!  I’m headed to prepare for this weekend getting things for Superbowl and getting my house put back together!  😉

Really enjoying my daily calendar for these amazing inspirational thoughts everyday by Max Lucado!  Such a great way to start off each morning!  🙂