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Fun Run at School

Today was the kids jog-a-thon at school and they couldn’t have been more excited!  They ran their little hearts out with their friends and I volunteered so I got to watch and cheer them on!  They were so excited to get otter pops at the end of it all and they got to name their school mascot which was super fun for them!  I feel so blessed that I get to stay at home with these boys and watch them grow and be there for them and nurture them!  They are an absolute joy and blessing in my life and I’m feeling like my 30’s are going to be my best years yet!  🙂

My husbands birthday is Friday and we’re looking forward to celebrating as a family and then it’s crunch time around here to get the house packed up for the move!  I am soooooo not ready for this and I’m definitely learning to lean on the Lord more and more right now.  I’m learning contentment and I really am going to miss this wonderful house.  :/ We haven’t found another house as of yet and I’m getting a little nervous but I know everything will work out in the end.

Soccer Time!

This is our second week of soccer and the boys are LOVING it!  It’s crazy how busy life gets when you have school age children!  School all day until 3pm, home for a snack, rest, homework and then soccer until 7pm  which is their bedtime.

Also on our plate right now…  WE SOLD OUR HOUSE and need to be out in 1 month…  I think I’m having a little bit of seller’s remorse because I’m really going to miss this beautiful house that we built and that we all love and it’s the only house my children know!  🙁 Hope we’re not making a mistake!  Will let you know how it turns out. (Sigh)

First Day of school!

Wow, It’s absolutely unbelievable to me that I now have a big 1st grader and my baby is in Kindergarden!  Time flies and I was always excited to have grade schoolers until now…  I wish my boys could stay young forever!  They both adore their teachers and are making new friends quickly.  We’re going to go get ice cream tonight to celebrate their big first day and talk about all of the fun things this school will bring forth.  The boys are excited to have homework, start sports and play with their friends.  I, on the other hand, am going to miss them terribly all day,  but I suppose that means more time to cook and bake and come up with new fun recipes, keep the house clean and stay on top of laundry.  I’m also looking forward to being able to meet girlfriends for coffee and catch up which is so hard with little ones in the house; and I can guarantee you I’ll be counting the hours until my precious little ones are ready to be picked up from school each afternoon.

This weekend I’m looking forward to heading to our favorite winery for our quarterly ‘Wine Pick Up Party’ which is always a blast.  Great food, great wine and great times.  You can check it out here.  Highly recommend making a visit or ordering some of their wines!  🙂

Hello world!

So it’s fall of 2010 and I’ve finally decided it’s time to start blogging and fill all of you friends and family in on our lives.  I plan on using this blog as a means to share recipes and stories and stay connected to our family and friends!  🙂  We just got back from a wonderful vacation in Southern California and enjoyed spending family time together, visiting with friends, playing in the pool and laying in the sun!

Today we celebrated my niece’s 2nd birthday and these are a couple of pictures from the party!  It was a blast to catch up with family again and we are really looking forward to the school year starting and getting back into the swing of things!

This blogging adventure seems as though it’s going to be a fun ride! Bear with me as I get the hang of it…  I’m thinking it may take me awhile!